Reviews of Homeworld Remastered


The following are some of the many reviews of Homeworld Remastered.  Since Studio X Labs produced the music, sound design and speech on the original releases back in 1999 and 2003, we teamed up with Gearbox Software to bring the game’s audio up to a modern level of fidelity.  Having archived all of the original audio at the studio for the past 16 years, we were in a unique position to assist in the rebooting of these classic games.  We were very pleased that we helped in delivering a 86% Metacritic rating on the release.

IGN’s review:

Electronic Playground’s Review:

Over in Australia, the folks at Good Game Review weigh in on the release:

Always entertaining, Total Biscuit raves about what was accomplished on the project:

A review from Unit Lost – Great British Gaming:

Also, these Release Trailers were fully produced at Studio X Labs (video edit, music, sound design, mix) for Gearbox Software:

And here is a short list of written reviews:

Gameplanet 10/10 “A Triumphant Homecoming”

Digital Spy 10/10 “Pure Satisfaction”

Gaming Trend 100% “Phenomenal”

PCGamer 92% “A worthy upgrade to one of the best RTS games ever”

Hooked Gamers 9/10 “Everything has been brought into the modern age.”

Metro UK 9/10 “A near perfect remastering”

CG Magazine Online 9/10 “This series is still just as exotic and innovative now as it was over 15 years ago.”

Attack of the Fanboy 9/10 “lives up to the legacy of the series while forging ahead with updated graphics and UI elements”

IGN 9/10 “Gearbox gives Homeworld the respect it deserves”

PC Invasion 9/10 “An essential pair of games for your collection, beautifully remastered and enhanced.”