Reviews for Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

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Released January 2016, Studio X Labs was responsible for producing all of the audio (music, sound design, speech production and integration). Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak received a 79% on Metacritic.

Here are some of the video reviews for the title:

IGN’s take on the new installment of Homeworld:

Here is what Gamespot had to say in their 1 minute review:

Unit Lost is well pleased with how the game turned out:

Here is what ACG’s review:

Here is a segment on the Making of the Deserts of Kharak Soundtrack:

Also, these Release Trailers were fully produced at Studio X Labs (video edit, music, sound design, mix) for Gearbox Software:

The following are some of the written reviews:

Gaming Trend 95% “Excellent”

Hooked Gamers 9/10 “Homeworld: Deserts Kharak not only sets a new standard for RTS games, it proves that there is a lot more the genre has to offer yet.”

COG Connected 90% “Visuals, sound, and design all excellent.”

Gamespot 9/10 “Masterfully executed”

PC Gamer 90% “A great tactical RTS with all the gorgeous aesthetics and atmosphere of the original.”

Gaming Nexus 8.8/10 “Deserts of Kharak is one of the more compelling real-time strategy games I’ve played in some time.”

IGN 8.8/10 “Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is a deep, exciting, varied RTS with all the right tools.”

Lazy Gamer 8.5/10 “damned good RTS in a time when games in the genre are an increasingly rare sight.”

Game Watcher 8.5/10 “Excellent! Beautiful visuals and soundtrack.”