Children’s Broadcast: Scout and The Gumboot Kids Season 2

Gumboots Kids Season 2 is now complete for CBC Kids.  In each episode, Scout — a stop motion animated mouse — encourages children to go outside and explore the world around them. He connects the Gumboot Kids, a group of real-life diverse Canadian children, with the beauty of the natural world.

Studio X Labs did the sound design and mix for 30 x 5 minute episodes.  Season 2 also required stem outputs for international localization.  (stereo mix, stereo M&E, 5.1 mix, 5.1 M&E).

Awards and Nominations:

2017 Canadian Screen Awards Nominee
Best Preschool Series
Best Production Design
Yorkton Film Festival
Golden Sheaf Awards 2016 Winner
Best Children’s & Youth Production
Leo Awards 2016 Winner
Best Screen Writing
Best Production Design
Leo Awards 2016 Nominee
Best Sound
Best Youth or Children’s Program
Best Direction
Best Screenwriting
Best Cinematography
Best Production Design

Articles and Mentions: