Founded February 1st, 1999, Studio X Labs has serviced a variety of clients from the Videogame, Advertising and Film Industries. The facility contains 3 production suites and a fully equipped recording room. Our production team is comprised of audio specialists that have skills ranging from film scoring, music production, sound design, voice talent production, speech editing and dialogue localization. The Studio X Labs’ team have years of experience in the field of audio production. We have provided content and integration services on all current platforms (XBOX360, PS3, Wii, PSP, Nintendo-DS, iPhone and iPad).

Music Production

  • production of award winning original musical scores for Interactive
  • experienced writing music for multiple genres of games
  • versatile musical range
  • live orchestral scoring and recording
  • post production mixing in Dolby 5.1

Sound Design

  • technical assessment of developers engine and toolset to build integration pipeline strategies
  • modular sound design development specific for game’s animation and FX systems
  • development of custom sound design through extensive field recording and Foley creation
  • development of Asset list documentation to track progress of sound design creation, integration and bug fixing

Voice Talent Production

  • talent casting
  • audition recording
  • managing of release forms for voice actor performances from ACTRA CANADA
  • creation of speech asset documentation to establish naming convention and speech asset editorial and integration status
  • recording and editing of localized speech through a network of local interpreters and translators

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