Studio X Labs is an award-winning premiere full service audio production facility that caters to clientele, including some of the world’s top interactive publishers and developers (Disney, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, THQ, Take2, Vivendi/Universal, Activision, Microsoft Game Studios, Rockstar Games and Sega). We have extensive experience in producing audio solutions for a diverse range of projects and clientele.


1999 - Homeworld / Relic Entertainment
Publisher: Vivendi/Universal
Awarded: Best Interactive Soundtrack in PCGamer and EuroGamer Magazines

2002 - Mon Amour, Mon Parapluie
Leo Award for Best Sound Editing in a Short Drama

2005 - The Road that Binds Us
Leo Award for Best Musical Score in an Independent Feature Film

2011 - A Window Looking In
Leo Award for Best Sound Editing in a Documentary Program or Series

Recent Projects

  • Kotaku article on the Remastering of Homeworld’s audio

    March 26, 2015

    Recently, I had an opportunity to write an editorial for Kotaku’s website on the remastering of Homeworld’s audio.  Here’s the link to the article: in the article it feature a brief history on the two Homeworld soundtracks.  


  • Shipbreakers Banner2

    Blackbird Interactive to make prequel of Homeworld set on the desert planet Khark

    May 7, 2014

    Studio X Labs is pleased to announce that it will be providing music, sound design and speech services for the recently announced Homeworld prequel, Shipbreakers. While Gearbox works on re-releasing the original Homeworld games in 4K Resolution, Blackbird Interactive, comprised of some of the team behind the original Homeworld classics (including art Director Rob Cunningham), have […]


  • bannerblog_ssz2

    Strike Suit Zero Director’s Cut blasts onto the next generation of consoles

    May 7, 2014

    Strike Suit Zero is the first Indie title launched on XBoxOne as part of Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program. Music for the game’s soundtrack composed at Studio X Labs along with a soundtrack release to XBoxMusic, iTunes and STEAM.